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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Break

 So, I know this is only what... two months late, but since I have rejoined the blogging world I wanted to share some of the fun I had with my friend Nicole, when I went home to Indiana for Spring Break.  Nicole is my life-long "artsy-fartsy" friend.  We are about the only two of our close friends who actually enjoy doing things like this.  Last year, I taught her how to bead, and she definitely jumped on the bandwagon. When she heard that I was coming home in March for a week, she suggested that we combine our creations and host a jewelry party for some of our friends and ladies in the church.  I must say, it was a huge success.  Here are a few pictures.
 Glass pendants

Rings (don't you just love them?  I wear one almost every day.)
         A few days later, (also at Nicole's suggestion), we went to a ceramic store and each painted a super adorable pencil holder.  The hardest thing was trying to decide what to paint, and then painting over each layer of the design 3 times.  But, it was so so SO much fun!  My pencil holder proudly sits on my desk at school, and I admire it every time I see it.  :)  It made such a great memory with such a great friend.
 Blank "canvas"
 So many choices, and such a cool store!
 Starting to paint... I was so nervous
 Nicole's design

Finally we were done.  These were not fired yet, though.  The colors became much more vivid. We actually lucked out and they were firing a batch the next morning.  Normally we would have had to wait for a week before they were done.  It was such a fun week, and I'm so glad I was able to share it with my wonderful friend.