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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Reads

Here are a few things on my book list to read ASAP:

Bawled my eyes out in this movie. This one I did backwards, I prefer to read the book, THEN watch the movie. Can't wait to dig into the pages of this one.

Somehow I've never read this book... However, it WILL happen soon!

This one, just because it's a favorite.

Monday, February 6, 2012

God's Timing

Sigh... it's that time of year... February... And we all know what holiday comes in February. In my case, Lonely Hearts Day. Yaaaaay....

I honestly try so so hard to wait patiently for God to bring the RIGHT man into my life. I am very thankful that God has given me the strength and courage to end relationships with some really great guys who were simply not HIS will for my life. Although I have learned much through those relationships, it certainly is not "easy" path to take. I always envisioned myself marrying the first guy I dated... etc. Certainly not being single at twenty-five. But God had other plans for me. I am honestly trying to "embrace my singleness" and enjoy life and the freedoms that I have. A Christian book that I recently read talked about the fact that as a female, the desire to to be married and have a family is only natural. However, it becomes wrong when we let it consume us and we are constantly worrying about it. It certainly is more difficult some days than others. However, I am trusting God that His timing is perfect. I honestly can't wait for that day! I have the best days of my life still to look forward to!

That being said, I think the reason why this year is especially hard for me is that literally EVERY SINGLE ONE of my close friends are married, (and a few are pregnant), or in relationships, which pretty much consume them. While I am so happy for them, I have felt all of them slipping away from me, being consumed in their own lives and forgetting about little old me down in Missouri. Remember, I have no family down here, no friends that I grew up with... etc. While I know I'm exactly where God wants me, it still can be very lonely at times. I see my parents about four times a year, my friends even less than that. I try to be a good friend, but somehow I just seem to slip through the cracks. Sadness (insert a large sad face here). Anyway, just needed to get a little of what I've been feeling for a while off my chest.

Friday, February 3, 2012

100th Day Celebration


Today we celebrated! All week long we have been participating in "100 activities week". We have done everything from 100 toe touches to 100 jump ropes to 100 jumping jacks. Talk about a work-out! It's almost as good as my Jillian Michaels dvd I've been doi

As part of our celebration, I let everyone bring in 100 of something to add to our special 100th day snack. Ugh, talk about a sugar overload!

For a special treat, I painted the girl's nails. I've never seen them so giddy with excitement.

Voila! Here is the finished result! They were so super excited to show off their little fingers. Notice the little boy in the red? Just to clarify, I did NOT paint his nails! He is just being super silly. This little guy is quite the character, and decided to pose for a few more pics for me:

This is what sugar in large amounts does to 5 year-olds. All I can say is thank the Lord it's Friday! Haha

Ian: "I'm batmaaaaan...."
Me: "Um, ooooookaaaaaayyyy... Hi Batman."
Ian: "Hahaha, Miss Jancy, you're cwaaaazzzzyyyyy!"

Fully tummies... of pure sugar. Next year, I am waiting until right before they leave for home to pass out their snack. I figure, since the parents are the ones who send the candy, they should have to deal with the consequences. Hehe.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! I'm doing a whole lot of relaxing, a bit of cleaning, and having some friends over. Enjoy!