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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorites of the Week (via Pinterest)

I LOVE clothes, and haven't been shopping in forevah, so I decided to do some Pinterest "window" shopping. Here's my favorites for the week:

Love this entire look! The furry vest and shirt combo is adorable! (Not sure if I could pull it off, but still love it) The red lips add the perfect finishing touch.

What an adorable gray tweed dress! Pair this with a cute black cardigan and black pumps, and you have a perfect church outfit.

Here is another super cute dress for Church! Love the color and the slightly vintagy feel.

This is such a pretty and unexpected dress, perfect for a fancy dinner or party.

I am so loving this color right now. I used to think it was just a "fall" color, but paired with black is the perfect winter combination.

How cute is this little tan/nude lace dress?

Loving this coat!

Such a cute combination of colors! Red coats are always cute, and the boots are perfection! I want!!!

I just liked the combination of textures in this shot.

Thanks for perusing my closet wish-list with me.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the Season to be Busy...

How cute are my little munchkins? I got my new (totally awesome) camera in the mail this weekend, and have since become the official "picture taker" in our school building. I love my new Cannon, and got it just in time for the holidays!

And, speaking of holiday, I absolutely cannot wait! One week from right now, I will be at home, excitedly finishing packing to go up to Indiana! I can't wait to see so many people! My bestie Theresa, (who have haven't seen since she got married) will be there for a visit, as well as Liz (who I haven't seen in a whole year), and Tab,and Nicole and my Mom and Dad. And let's not forget a very special SOMEONE who happens to be a State Trooper.:) He and I have a hot date to Michelle's wedding, which I absolutely can't wait for! She's going to be such a gorgeous bride! Until then, I will be slowly going crazy! My life is full of Christmas parties, choir concerts, making Christmas presents, planning class parties... etc. So much fun, but so much work. I love this time of the year though!