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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Wow, time seriously has slipped away from me in the blogging world! I'm not sure if my excuse is something to the effect of, "Time flies when you're having fun", or if I should play the I've had a super fun and busy summer... Either one are true! Notice the word FUN in both? Let me just take a moment to say what a wonderful life I have! Sure, being the last single on of my friends, when everyone else is getting married/ living in "wedded bliss" and popping out babies is hard at times. However, when I stop being impatient, and realize that the Lord has perfect timing in all that He does, I realize what a truly blessed life I have! Seriously- this year has been the best! I will try to do a quick recap of the past two months: At the end of my, I had my THIRD kindergarten graduation! Every year is so emotional to see "my kiddos" grow up. I seriously fall in love with each and every student every single year! I wholeheartedly say that kindergarteners are the sweetest little people on the planet! I am so proud of my kiddos, and am already looking forward to next year's class (my FOURTH class... say whaaattt???)
I was so sad that I basically only got pictures like this... because I was so incredibly busy that day that I gave it to someone else... :( Take my word for it, they were adorable!!!
Again, not the best picture, but I love how the reception for graduation turned out. I planned it all, and thankfully some wonderful ladies in the church decorated it for me that afternoon. A few short weeks after school was over, a group of eight of us from Maranatha went down to Honduras to help our missionary family the Trasks. We were there for eleven days (without ac, hot water or use of hair styling products, so I was looking a little... er... rough). It was definitely a life-changing trip, however! As I had been praying, it gave me much more of an insight into missions, and a burden to pray for them and their specific needs. Seeing all they had given up,and how they were serving with such a good attitude was truly inspiring! The trip also brought our little group from church together so much more. We now share many inside jokes, and are almost like a little family. I will try to do an entire blog post later including more pictures and stories.
A few days after returning home from Honduras, I went home to Indiana for a month to visit friends and family. It was such a wonderfully special summer! The morning after I flew in, I ran a 5K with my dear friend Nicole, and FINALLY got to meet the infamous Jack. Haha. He is such a great guy, and they are PeRfeCt together! Just another reminder of how the Lord blesses those who are patient (note to self)! My family and I were able to have some day trips up to Michigan together. They are such wonderful parents! In a few days, they will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and still kiss goodbye every morning, and say "I love you" at the end of every phone conversation, and hold hands in public. I love it, and love them so much! And my mother- such a patient woman! She took me on MANY shopping trips. And let's not forget the besties! I was able to spend time with "my girls" this summer! We did some shopping, went out for lunch, then had a photo shoot with Nicole's favorite photographer (haha, that's Jack for everyone's information). I'm kind of surprised every group shot wasn't just zoomed in on Nicole's face. ;) Totally joking, he did an amazing job! I did a lot of things with Nicole, Tab and Liz this summer, including pedicures, lunch dates, shopping, football games, making things for Nicole's wedding (getting our "crafty on" for a good cause), visiting Jack's church and meeting a few of the siblings... etc. The list goes on and on! I was also able to go up to Michigan to visit my friend Aminta. I had such a great time with her and her family! Now, the nose is back to the grindstone... Getting ready for school. I'm doing the most adorable theme... The Very Hungry Caterpillar. LOVE it!