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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A tiny amount of humor and the true American heroes

My post today has two purposes. I cannot help but sharing a "Kindergarten Crack-up" from Friday that I was not able to blog about. I only have four little boys in my class of sixteen: Luke, Sylvester, Caleb and Wilbur. Normally my little girls "run the show" so to speak, but today Caleb took center stage. Friday is pizza day, so their lunch consists of a slice or two of pizza, chocolate milk, goldfish crackers and Scooby snacks. My little guy must have really enjoyed his meal because during Math class (our first period after lunch), he let out an enormous belch. It rather reminded me of the one from the movie Elf. I was completely surprised that such a sound could come from that little of a person, but recovered quickly. I looked at him and asked, "Caleb, is there something you would like to say to the class?'" He looked up at me completely innocently, cheesed a huge grin (as only Caleb can do) and said "hello". I completely lost it, and has to sit down I was laughing so hard. Of course, all the other students saw their teacher laughing and has to laugh as well, so the K-5 class was a bit chaotic for a few minutes. Thought all of you would enjoy that little bit of humor.

The second half of today's post I would like to dedicate to the brave men and women who serve our country so fearlessly. Living here so close to Fort Leonard Wood, I see first hand the sacrifices these soldiers and their families make every day. They sacrifice the little things that we tend to take for granted: spending time with their families, being there for birthdays and anniversaries, spending time with their children, seeing their child's first steps, coaching little league teams, the stability of having a permanent place of residence, the list goes on and on.

Tonight I will be accompanying my roommate Maureena's family at a special ceremony on Post, to say goodbye to her father who will be deploying to Afghanistan with his unit for a year. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to say goodbye to my own father, knowing not only that I would not see him for a year, but also that he is in a dangerous place. Mr. Duran is a chaplain, so will have even more responsibilities there. I am sure that there will be a lot of soldiers with spiritual and emotional problems as a result of being there and the experiences they will have. How very very thankful it makes me for the brave Americans who risk life and limb to keep our country free and safe. May we never forget their great sacrifice and remember to pray for them every day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter in Missouri

Monday evening the "snow" began. We had church that evening because of a set of revival services our church is hosting this week. It is so funny down "south" here. Everyone freaks out at the first indication of snow. Well, drivers freak out. Wish I could say the same for the members of the Southern Missouri Snowplow Association or whatever they call themselves. Between our town and the next, they have a total of two snowplows, and probably enough salt to "unsliperyfy" a driveway.

At 8 PM we were done with church and heading home. Unfortunately it was my turn to drive that day. Actually neither way would have been a win-win situation... my roommate Maureena is from Chattanooga, TN (that's southern Tennessee for those of you who don't know) and they have had snow maybe three times in her life time. And then there's me... the world's most petrified driver. I still hate to drive. I am actually very cautious, but am so afraid, even still. But tonight it was me behind the wheel. I knew we were in trouble when I pulled out of the church parking lot and skidded on the road right away. My little car, Ellie, has a little light that blinks and a little alarm that sounds when I start to skid. I'm not sure what the point of that is, though. I can feel myself skidding, and that sound and flashing light only adds to my panic. Anyway, apparently the snow plow people were fast asleep in their beds, because our two snowplows were parked neatly in the St.Robert Public Works parking lot. Finally we saw one pull out, only to scrape the middle turning lane, and not even to salt the roads. The roads were insanely slippery. there was a thin layer of freshly fallen snow, covering a dangerous looking layer of solid ice. Normally I go 50 mph on one road, and 65 mph on our curvy Highway 17 going home. Tonight, however, I turtled along at an agonizing 25-30 mph. No one seemed to mind, though, because the cars around me were going that slow or slower. Our average 20 min. trip home ended up taking 45 minute, but we eventually made it home safely.

Needless to say, school was cancelled the next day. I know this teacher was just as excited as her students were at the prospect of a day off! I was pretty much lazy all day- did some laundry, cleaning and organizing, and made a lot of jewelry. In the evening I went to church for the revival service and was able to talk quite extensively to the visiting evangelist and the three college graduates from West Coast who are traveling with him.

Today, all of the public schools were cancelled still, but we decided to have school. We have allotted 5 school days, and if we exceed them, we have to make them up. Seeing as it is the middle of January and we have already used to, we decided not to waste another. However, most of the students in my class did not come today. My regularly full class of 16 dwindled to 7. I must say that it was a very easy day, however, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My 2010 "bucket list"

Every May, as soon as school was out, my mother would always sit down with me and ask me what I wanted to "accomplish" this summer. For the longest time, I never really understood what she was asking. I though, summer: a time to not be in school, to play all day, to do whatever I wanted. ( mind you, that never happened, but for some reason whenever I pictured summer that always came to mind.)

As I have grown older, I have begun to realize more of what she was talking about. You have two options to do with your life: you can either waste it doing frivolous "fun" things or you can accomplish things that you have always wanted to do, and really make something of your life. Since January 1st, I have been coming up with a list of things that I would like to see myself do this year.

1. For the past two year (since I moved down "south" and became a country girl) I have wanted to be able to play the guitar. I have access to three at the ranch I live on, and a good friend who is willing to teach me!

2. I really would like to become a better cook. In my opinion, anyone can follow a basic recipe, but I would like to learn how to make more difficult dishes. I would like to find a place that offers cooking classes and take a few.

3. While we are on the food subject, I am going to make myself try sushi... I have always had an irrational fear of it. I think the whole raw fish aspect really grosses me out. But I am determined to try it and see what all the hype is about.

4. A few years ago, three friends and I took a road trip down to Georgia. We had such a super fun time, and I would love to go on another road trip again this summer... with different friends. A few other single friends and I have joked for years about taking a road trip across America visiting all the Baptist churches until we find husbands for ourselves. I don't think I'm quite that desperate though...

5. Since I have been dieting and exercising since this summer, I have a goal to do a marathon, or at least a half-marathon this year. That would put me in such great shape! Even if I do not have an opportunity to do that, I will be joining a gym shortly, and getting back to my exercise regiment after Christmas.

6. Well, this one definitely proves that I am turning into a country girl. I want soooo badly to go to a shooting range (with someone who knows what they're doing) and learn to shoot really well. I have always had good aim, and think that I would do quite well.

7. Haha, number seven has to do directly with you. I have resolved to write on my blog more regularly than the once a year that it has been. I do not live an interesting life, but will try to make the one I do live as interesting as I am able.

8. Another thing that I have always wanted to do is to ride a jet ski. A friend promised me that when I go up to see her this summer, we will go up to the lake and rent them. I can't wait!!!

9. A few years ago my aunt taught me how to make jewelry. Since then I have experimented with new things in that area, and have taught a few friends to bead as well. One of those friends (Nicole) who really got into this enjoyable hobby just showed me something new. It is how to make glass tile pendants. I will post a few pictures at a later date. I also bought some rings to make as well.

10. All through Jr. High and High school, our youth group took many ski trips both to Michigan and Wisconsin. My friends and I started out on our behinds on the bunny hill, but eventually got pretty good (for us) and I even ventured down the biggest hill (one time). I would love to begin skiing again, and lovely Missouri has plenty of hills, just need to find a ski resort now!

11. And the last goal that I have for this year (that I have thought of so far, and that I want to share) is this: in 2011, I want to make a new life-long friend. I have offhandedly started talking to several people over the past few years, and that random chat has turned into more and more conversations, and some of them have become among the people that mean the most to me.

So, this is my list of things that I aspire to accomplish this year. I hope to be able to check each one off of my list.