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Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I know that these pictures are AWFUL, but here is a sneak peak at my new home! There are still miscellaneous boxes sitting around that need to be unpacked, but most of it are things to hang on the walls. I haven't completely decided where I want everything yet, so am putting off decorating until then. Tonight's goal is to take some better pictures, and maybe hang a few things.

The kitchen is A-MAZING! I seriously am in love with it! It is so open and roomy (compared to the galley kitchen we had before), and nice and new! And you've never seen so many drawers and cabinets! It makes cooking a pure joy.

And there is the cutest little window by the front door! My little black decorative piece fits there perfectly!

I love this corner because it reminds me of people I really care about- the bird house reminds me of my Mom, the black cabinet I got from Nicole and her mom, and the vase Liz gave to me at her rehersal brunch! Love and miss my family and friends so much!


  1. I am right with you on that kitchen...it looks amazing! I need to come visit so we can cook up all of the yummy things on our Pinterest boards! ;) Looking forward to seeing more pics. Miss you too!

  2. Wow, Liz--I'm drooling over that kitchen <3